Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oil painting, color is everything!

Because of the richness and strength of Big Abstract Painting color, it is often described as a symphony in painting. Indeed, good use of tones in Large Abstract Paintings can not only express the rich color changes and overall atmosphere of the object, but also express emotions with color and vivid with color, so as to achieve the effect of integration of form, color and spirit.

Colorful Abstract Art Wall Painting Blue White Red 

Porticelli, Turner, Colo, Levitan and other painters use color to express their artistic conception.

Artistic creation is a spiritual activity with strong personal color. The endless charm of art lies in the unique style of its works.

Color is the soul of Extra Large Modern Painting. It is a linguistic form to express the painter's inner feelings. Color is a bridge between the painter and the viewer to communicate their thoughts and souls. The viewer understands the painter's inner feelings through the direct feeling of oil painting color.

The "artistic individuality" that embodies the artist's artistic concept, creative thinking, aesthetic consciousness, and personal artistic pursuit constitutes the life of painting art, and is undoubtedly the most permanent motive force of painting art.

In Large Abstract Wall Art painting color, tone means that under the cover of a certain light source, objects with different inherent colors tend to have the same color, which is called tone or tone.

It can be distinguished from color, brightness, purity, cold and warm, and can produce a variety of different tones, such as red tone, bright tone, bright tone, warm tone and so on.

Different tones can also show different emotions, such as the hot and exciting bright red tone; the elegant and gorgeous bright tone; the livestock and simplicity of turbid tone; the fresh and comfortable cold tone.

"Artistic conception" is a distinct and vivid artistic image formed by the blending of emotion and scenery, artistic conception and artistic conception.

Artistic conception is the soul of landscape painting. All descriptions of scenery should be dealt with around artistic conception, not just to show the natural phenomena of scenery.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

French art in the 17th century-cheap large paintings for sale

Cheap large paintings for sale-The French lived through the sixteenth century in war and turmoil,Large Wall Art so the Renaissance was far less prosperous than Italy or the Netherlands.
After entering the 17th century, the unification of the country strengthened the centralization of power,Large Black and White Art and the economic development promoted the prosperity of culture and art.
Louis xiii appointed visionary cardinal li who left for the prime minister,Oversized Abstract Art
 he devoted himself to the strengthening of monarchy and the development of economy and culture, the French gradually became Europe the veritable economic and cultural center of art, they called in the 17th century ", "the great century France, is the golden age of full of glory and greatness.
During the reign of Louis xiv, when le shi was still in power, monarchs and nobles took literature and art as a symbol to boast of their honor and power, so as to satisfy their personal enjoyment, hobbies and interests.
Under their advocacy and protection, under the influence of the Italian academism, the academy of painting and sculpture was founded in France in 1648. In 1655, the state took the academy into its own hands and named it the Royal Academy of fine arts. Later, the academy of fine arts of France was founded in Rome.
From then on, the academy of fine arts became the official education institution of fine arts, which directly trained fine arts talents serving the royal family.
In the college, the principle of classicism was established as the standard of the college. The dean leblanc advocated the "great style", that is, the style of Louis xiv, whose core was still classicism, in order to glorify the monarchy in the age of Louis xiv.LARGE CONTEMPORARY ART

In the face of major social problems, classicism advocates the sense of responsibility and dedication of citizens and subordination of individual interests to social and national interests.
With the help of the subject material of classical heroism, it opposed the religious creed of feudalism, exposed the darkness of autocratic monarchy and ruling class, had its positive progressive significance to the social progress and development, and made an important contribution to the prosperity of French literature and art in the 17th century.
Although classicism dominated French literature and art in the 17th century, it did not exclude the existence of baroque and realism.
In the first half of the 20th century, under the influence of caravaggio's realism, realistic art, which was dedicated to depicting the life of the lower classes of society, emerged, which reflected the third-class aesthetic thought and common people's consciousness, as opposed to the classicism of the noble class.
Baroque art popular in Europe is mainly reflected in the architecture and ceiling painting creation in this period, but it has never taken root, because the fanatical sense of movement and religious passion in baroque art are not suitable for the taste of Kings, it is not in harmony with the rational, the pursuit of peace and harmony of classicism.
In France in the 17th century, although the monarchy was consolidated and strengthened, its dependence on and admiration for Italy in art was never interrupted and deepened day by day. It can be said that French art occurred, developed and flourished on the basis of Italian art achievements.
All accomplished artists have been influenced and inspired by Italian art.
No matter which trend of thought, style and genre they belong to, they are closely related to the Italian style genre. It can also be said that French art is the inheritance and development of Italian art on the land of France.
However, we cannot ignore that France is adjacent to the Nordic Netherlands due to its geographical location. In the process of the occurrence and development of art, France is inevitably influenced by the artistic achievements of Flanders and the Netherlands in the north.
The French fine arts in the 17th century inherited and developed the Italian and netherland art traditions, and gradually combined with the French national art to form an art transition period with its own national characteristics.
After the 17th century, the center of European art gradually moved to France, replacing Italy as the holy land of western art.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A wonderful combination of paintings and frames in life

Have spirit home, the cheap large paintings for sale on the wall is decorated certainly not.
If you can't find the big picture you like, you can do it with a small frame.
How the frames fit together, let's tell you seven little secrets.

The trick is to hang the largest piece in the most comfortable place of sight, then hang a small piece around it to align the frame horizontally or vertically.
The black frame is artistic and especially suitable for mounting photography.
The frame size, color and width of the paper have rich changes.
Irregular shape

The irregular shape of the frame with dynamic and tension, itself very striking.
If you're going to try it, it's best to start small, so you don't spoil the balance of the space.
When many irregular adornment picture is combined together, should level or perpendicular take neat, just won't appear messy.
The picture frame by the door frame

The door frame is often ignored by us, and hanging a few paintings here would be a pleasant surprise.
The method with the easiest hold is to have advocate have a time, for instance be hanged above the door with door frame width close painting, next the two sides of the door is on the high and low strewn at random adorn 3 two the painting with slightly smaller size is good.
Homologous more picture

If the painting can be shown as a series, it will be more artistic impact than the single hanging.
The proposal chooses the picture frame of same style to mount, will strengthen the integral effect of series.
The height of the painting is slightly above the horizontal line of sight.
If you don't have a large scale metope painting in your home, many small size works will be great to put together. The collective power is infinite.

Large abstract paintings give vitality to the grey walls.
When you get closer, you will be surprised to find that it is composed of four separate little paintings.
This method of segmentation and recombination is more used for ultra-large photos, which can solve the problem of limited printing size. It is only necessary to note that the gap between paintings should be one centimeter.

Do you remember the famous screen print of Andy warhol, the portrait of Monroe?
This group of paintings is to absorb the inspiration of the master, the same image is endowed with different colors, and the combination is hung together, which has a modern and fanatical atmosphere in the 1960s.
With such a pop-style painting, the color choices can be bold.

The picture frame of different size, combination rises also is interesting adornment, some picture frame is still blank, you also can hang first, perhaps line a color with coloured paper first, fill at any time according to the mood again fill a picture core, this seemed to leave a person more look forward to.

1. For photographic works and modern paintings, it is better to match the simple frame of the design. Do not let the noise of the frame steal the attention of the audience.
In particular, groups of works, more to avoid the picture frame dilute the theme.

2. Black, white and wooden picture frames are the most common, and they are also the most versatile because they do not attract attention. Any painting effect is good.
cheap large paintings for sale
3. It is also very important to set off the paper jam of the work, especially for the work with a small ruler.
White is most commonly used, followed by grey and black.
Color card paper can affect the effect of work, so use with caution.
You can also try something special, like a small piece of paper that is 10 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters wide.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bold colors and antique wood active boys' bedroom

Bedroom overview
Who lives here: a doctor and a full-time mother with three children
Location: Houston
Area: approximately 230 square feet(21 square metres)
Designer: Susie Marion(designer) and Jauregui(architect) of Marion Interior Design

1.Adding as much color as possible to their newly built Mediterranean houses in Houston, life and eclectic style is the owner's instruction to interior designer Susie Marion. If the bold bedroom created for the family's 5-year-old son is an indicator, the designer will determine her task.

Marion covered the wall with a dark blue cyan gypsum and had a subtle luster. The antique box beams on the ceiling add to the charm of the old world. A variety of vintage toys remind you that this exquisite space is a fun field for little boys.

A thick imitation wooden door opened the bedroom to a tall closet from Mexico, covered with a touch of paint coating, adding subtle color to the wood. On the right side of the arch, the arched French door leads to the balcony of Juliet. The privacy of the door blocks the light and can close the crimson velvet curtains to block the sun. "The blue-green walls and crimson red curtains are located at both ends of the color wheel, so they produce a lot of contrast when paired," Marion said.

2.Leather club chairs provide a comfortable habitat for reading books or wearing shoes. The large potted palm tree behind the chair is one of the designer's signatures. "I always like to add at least one kind of plant to the room. It adds life to space, "she said.

3. Marion stacked two old drums to make a nightstand. "We collected all the antique toys scattered throughout the room at a local antiques fair," she said.

The designer chose a new bed frame in light wood to help reduce space. Red and white striped linen duvets and pillow sofas play on red curtains.