Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bold colors and antique wood active boys' bedroom

Bedroom overview
Who lives here: a doctor and a full-time mother with three children
Location: Houston
Area: approximately 230 square feet(21 square metres)
Designer: Susie Marion(designer) and Jauregui(architect) of Marion Interior Design

1.Adding as much color as possible to their newly built Mediterranean houses in Houston, life and eclectic style is the owner's instruction to interior designer Susie Marion. If the bold bedroom created for the family's 5-year-old son is an indicator, the designer will determine her task.

Marion covered the wall with a dark blue cyan gypsum and had a subtle luster. The antique box beams on the ceiling add to the charm of the old world. A variety of vintage toys remind you that this exquisite space is a fun field for little boys.

A thick imitation wooden door opened the bedroom to a tall closet from Mexico, covered with a touch of paint coating, adding subtle color to the wood. On the right side of the arch, the arched French door leads to the balcony of Juliet. The privacy of the door blocks the light and can close the crimson velvet curtains to block the sun. "The blue-green walls and crimson red curtains are located at both ends of the color wheel, so they produce a lot of contrast when paired," Marion said.

2.Leather club chairs provide a comfortable habitat for reading books or wearing shoes. The large potted palm tree behind the chair is one of the designer's signatures. "I always like to add at least one kind of plant to the room. It adds life to space, "she said.

3. Marion stacked two old drums to make a nightstand. "We collected all the antique toys scattered throughout the room at a local antiques fair," she said.

The designer chose a new bed frame in light wood to help reduce space. Red and white striped linen duvets and pillow sofas play on red curtains.

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