Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oil painting, color is everything!

Because of the richness and strength of Big Abstract Painting color, it is often described as a symphony in painting. Indeed, good use of tones in Large Abstract Paintings can not only express the rich color changes and overall atmosphere of the object, but also express emotions with color and vivid with color, so as to achieve the effect of integration of form, color and spirit.

Colorful Abstract Art Wall Painting Blue White Red 

Porticelli, Turner, Colo, Levitan and other painters use color to express their artistic conception.

Artistic creation is a spiritual activity with strong personal color. The endless charm of art lies in the unique style of its works.

Color is the soul of Extra Large Modern Painting. It is a linguistic form to express the painter's inner feelings. Color is a bridge between the painter and the viewer to communicate their thoughts and souls. The viewer understands the painter's inner feelings through the direct feeling of oil painting color.

The "artistic individuality" that embodies the artist's artistic concept, creative thinking, aesthetic consciousness, and personal artistic pursuit constitutes the life of painting art, and is undoubtedly the most permanent motive force of painting art.

In Large Abstract Wall Art painting color, tone means that under the cover of a certain light source, objects with different inherent colors tend to have the same color, which is called tone or tone.

It can be distinguished from color, brightness, purity, cold and warm, and can produce a variety of different tones, such as red tone, bright tone, bright tone, warm tone and so on.

Different tones can also show different emotions, such as the hot and exciting bright red tone; the elegant and gorgeous bright tone; the livestock and simplicity of turbid tone; the fresh and comfortable cold tone.

"Artistic conception" is a distinct and vivid artistic image formed by the blending of emotion and scenery, artistic conception and artistic conception.

Artistic conception is the soul of landscape painting. All descriptions of scenery should be dealt with around artistic conception, not just to show the natural phenomena of scenery.

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