Tuesday, December 17, 2019

modern abstract art oil painting on canvas

modern abstract art has many demanding situations for even the most state-of-the-art viewer. choreography, tune, sculpture, painting, and pictures - the artwork revolution has affected all of these genres and every so often it is as a substitute hard to apprehend what the author desired to mention. there's one art motion that makes the viewer absolutely pressured. it's far referred to as "abstractionism". discarding simple imitation and logical questioning, abstract painting leaves you wondering what is proven on the canvas and to what motive. how can you read the message hidden in those bright colors and quirky strokes?
1. Don't try too hard
abstract artwork addresses on human emotions. artists don't replica photos from actual existence. rather, the paint their canvas in a manner that may spawn several interpretations and they all could be equally acceptable. it is probably difficult before everything, however, the more you have a look at such artwork, the more you apprehend them. it's like studying a foreign language - the best ordinary exercise will provide you with the end result.

2. don't be in a hurry
we are constantly on the circulate and we want to get as an awful lot of facts as possible in a quick time period. however, art doesn't adore it. prevent for a second and have a close observe the picture, lose your mind and try to consciousness to your feelings approximately it.

3. step by step
you need to be aware of every detail, every stroke of the brush. most effective this manner you may discover the hidden message of the painting and solution all viable questions that emerge for your head.

4. artist's vision
in their works, artists try to show how they see the arena; they use subject matters and emotions that have something to do with what's taking place of their lives for the time being. however, they do it in a totally unique way because there is no not unusual vision of the identical trouble for different humans.

5. Appreciate the abstraction
the accurate and sensible painting was essential for classic artists. now it's far unnecessary. the point of interest shifted from the object of artwork to its challenge. in other words, it's no longer what you paint, it's how you paint.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What are the aesthetic values of oil paintings?

Oil painting is a precious heritage left to us by human history. Large Wall Painting With its unique charm, it greatly enriches the human visual and spiritual world, and also greatly enlightens people's artistic aesthetics and ideological realm.
Hand-painted large abstract art in the reproduction of natural beauty, as well as the exploration of the ideal beauty, oversized wall decor beauty form, reached an unprecedented aesthetic realm.

(1) reproduce the beauty of nature
Human beings progress and develop in the constant understanding and communication of nature, and the art of human ideology is closely related to nature.
The ability of painting to reproduce nature is gradually perfected with the development of human civilization and science and technology.
The appearance of oil painting advances the whole history of painting in the depth of reproduction of nature.
The ability of oil painting to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and the true degree, Large Abstract Canvas Art richness and depth of natural objects are greatly superior to other kinds of painting. Artists use superb oil painting skills to create the beauty of nature and the beauty of the human spirit effectively.
(2) the beauty of ideal and beauty of form
The ideal beauty in art is a kind of beauty that is refined and established according to people's subjective desires.
The standardized form of the ideal beauty is formal beauty.
The reproduction of nature and the pursuit of ideal beauty in oil painting go hand in hand.
The classical oil painting pays attention to the reality and the ideal proportion grasp, is the human aestheticism standard reflection, it pays attention to the symmetrical proportion, the smooth line, the round shape, the harmonious color, the elegant sentiment.
At the same time, the ideal beauty also changes with the change of time and the difference in the artist's personality.
In addition to the stylized beauty, there is also the ideal beauty of the bold and gorgeous baroque style, as well as the beauty of a simple and heavy nature.
The pursuit of ideal beauty brought formal beauty to open.
In the later stage of the development of oil painting, the exploration of the beauty of form is the goal. The improvement of hand-painted abstract acrylic painting techniques makes the changes in the form colorful, thus making the oil painting works with varied appearance.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Meaning and Appreciation Value of Abstract Oil Painting Art

  The Meaning and Appreciation Value of Abstract Oil Painting Art

Abstract oil painting, including a variety of schools, is not the name of a particular faction. "Abstraction" is a relative concept of "concrete" and a new concept by abstracting the common points of many things and synthesizing them.

The abstract oil painting includes:
1. Geometric abstraction [or cold abstraction]. This is based on Cezanne's theory and developed from cubism, constructivism and neo-formalism. With a tendency to geometry. This School of painting can be represented by Mondrian.

2. Lyrical abstraction [or heat abstraction]. This is based on Gauguin's artistic concept, which developed from the Beast School and Expressionism, with a romantic tendency. This School of painting can be represented by Kandinsky.

 Abstract Oil Painting Wall Art
 Abstract Oil Painting Wall Art

Oil Painting
The beauty of oil painting is mainly the beauty of color, and the key to the beauty of color is how to master and use tones. Since the emergence of *** abstract oil paintings in the 1920s, abstract oil paintings have gradually become the mainstream of Western painting. In expressing feelings, abstract oil paintings play an important role.

The treatment of oil painting tone changes with the progress of oil painting techniques, scientific progress and the change of people's appreciation habits.

Classical oil paintings are almost uniform brown tones. Since the beginning of Impressionism, the rule of conditional color has been found, which makes the picture colorful.

The harmony of oil painting tones includes the harmony of adjacent colors, single colors and contrast colors. Pictures using a single tone and tone look very uniform.

The treatment of abstract painting tone is profound and needs further study. The development of oil painting art to the present, the change of art concept, the progress of science, will bring more freedom to the handling of oil painting color.

The composition of oil painting artistic language is nothing more than two basic factors: shape and color.

 3 Panel Abstract Painting Wall Art
 3 Panel Abstract Painting Wall Art

Compared with other kinds of paintings, oil painting has the characteristics of bright color and strong expressive force. For oil painting, color has a very prominent position in form. The expressive force of oil painting color mainly depends on the visual effect of the overall tone of the picture.

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Therefore, tone processing is the key to oil painting color processing. The success or failure of an oil painting depends largely on the artist's tone processing of the picture. Tone plays a more prominent role in abstract oil painting. The treatment of oil painting tone changes with the progress of oil painting techniques, scientific progress and the change of people's appreciation habits.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The way to Layout Home Oil Painting

I. Grasp of Area
Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art  Oil painting layout is essential to grasp the area, slightly careless may shed the artistic sense of which must have, bedroom ought to use characters or close up subjects as emotional trades; kid's bedroom is the better fuzy artwork of children's topics; lounge room is primarily landscape, making the environment a lot more open and bright; plus restaurant can hang several sparse fresh fruits and flowers of still life, that can boost people's urge for food.

 2 . not Diverse Decoration Models
Abstractionist abstract oil piece of art and modernist painting usually are concise and fast, which tend to be more well suited for spacious and bright space, brand new decorative style and story materials; realistic and classical style is ideal for deluxe and stylish decorative style; impressionist painting style, whether inside the corridor or on the bookcase, can reflect its colorful, light and color effect, and it has the strong decorative features.

three or more. Emphasizing the mixing regarding Color and Colour
Colourful rooms can choose essential Cheap Extra Large Abstract Art oil paintings with strong distinction; warm and elegant rooms need to consider works with soft colors. It is really worth noting that the sculpt of the oil artwork and the space sculpt are comparative colors, that may better reflect the ornamental that means of the olive oil piece of art, but the colour of the painting likewise corresponds to furniture in addition to gentle ornaments, and offers the rhythm of typically the same color system.

4. In season temperature and dampness change
As we almost all know, air humidity in addition to heat have an effect on Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art oil painting, specially in hot and moist season, so the security of oil piece of art is particularly important at the moment! Inside areas with large humidity, it is much better to choose bright shades and clear pictures, during dried out areas, more normal water should be considered. Picking brilliant and lively shades in the winter and gentle and quiet colors in summer is also a method to modify.

5. Oil piece of art suspension system
How to lay out house Abstract Canvas Art Sale? How high may be the painting hanging? Its place ought to be one 5-2 meters away from the ground, and the particular light ought to be expected coming from the upper still left since far as possible. This conforms to the place of the light any time the painter paints, nonetheless it cannot be glass-inlaid. The length and thickness of the nails should be thought about in line with the furniture after the pulling board. In add-on, the frame size is usually proportionate to the scale the picture. The frame color corresponds to the particular furniture color or will be similar to the artwork sculpt. Then, for several people who hesitate to be able to hang up a photo, they could follow the golden area point hanging method, in order that they will not shed the aesthetic sense of spatial layout.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Abstract Oil Painting Decorative Painting Highlights Decorative Value

With the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the sense of space and different artistic appeal of Extra Large Modern Canvas Art are gradually recognized by us. Then more and more people regard Large Abstract Wall Art as the best choice of family decoration painting. Moreover, abstract decorative paintings in large and high-class restaurants have always been the first choice of decorative paintings. The decorative works of abstract oil paintings have a strong artistic sense. They are absolutely excellent works in decorative paintings and have the potential of appreciation.


The artistic aesthetic level of Extra Large Modern Wall Art is higher than that of decorative painting. Even if the function of art, maybe one is metaphysical, the other is metaphysical. But nothing is so absolute. There are also a large number of metaphysical decorative paintings. Metaphysical or abstract paintings can also be used for decoration or home decoration, and home decoration or decoration can also be very elegant works of art. It was assumed that almost all abstract paintings could be used as decorative paintings. The so-called radish and vegetables, each has its own love. Only radish and green vegetables, although not allowed to enter the abstract painting, but it can get the "abstract" right with its point, line and surface. Once abstracted, it can also be decorated, not to mention the specific radish and green vegetables for decoration? As for decorative paintings, numerous of them belong to abstract paintings and are well known. In fact, decoration can also be one of the purposes and functions of abstract painting.

Here I want to point out that when abstract paintings are used as decorative paintings, you can absolutely not bother to understand the meaning or meaning of abstraction. You just hang there or put it there or draw it there. Five stars, seven stars, buildings, halls or elegant dwellings are indispensable. Better not to know than to know. Do you have to understand what it means? Is there any mystery ?

So strange logic appears: not knowing is the value of abstract painting or abstract painting style, but also the subtle highlights or excellence of home furnishings. If it is the so-called modern decorative style, of course, it is a unity of harmony and harmony. Inevitably, Gao Peng vulgar inquiries, can mysteriously laugh at it. Originally, Large Abstract Art are not clear. Poetry can not be interpreted. In fact, paintings are even more difficult to interpret. Why? There are paintings in poetry and poems in paintings. Especially abstract paintings and poems.

Perhaps it is precisely because Large Abstract Paintings does not understand, it has become the main reason for the preferred decorative painting. In the past, people had no condition to put decorative paintings in their homes, because the houses were a little shabby or the social and cultural conditions were not relaxed enough. Later on, silent, in the dark, home furnishings and even engineering decoration, office decoration and so on, all of a sudden, an abstract wind. The reason is quite interesting. Because, this wind is too strong, north and south, inside and outside the Great Wall, upstairs and downstairs, villas and apartments, everyone knows that decorative paintings choose Abstract paintings, which is the most obvious effect. Whether he is a master or a minor master, he is original or imitative. The main reason is that it enhances the quality of living and working environment and space, and also enhances the master's quality. There is also an indescribable mystery and oceanic atmosphere, a kind of comfortable atmosphere and image which can expand people's thoughts and emotions with a bit of anomaly, and then let you feel, even infected with the body and mind.

Also, abstract paintings are used as decorative paintings, especially with modern style home furnishings, to harmonize with them. When home furnishings move towards unique personality and European style, the decorative paintings of abstract painting or abstract painting style will naturally show their magic power and great use. Perhaps some people will say, if the characteristics of home decoration style is traditional? What if it is the local atmosphere close to folk customs? That is to say, he still shows a strong preference for Du Fu elements or grass Hall elements in his home decoration. Is it not that the decorative paintings of abstract painting or abstract painting style can not be used?

In my opinion, there is no need to worry. With a little post-modern collage, this problem can be solved. Moreover, the problem will be solved by replacing the abstract frame with the decorative frame with abstract style. To some extent, the picture frame is the most magic wand. It enables all abstract paintings or decorative paintings to be matched with different styles of home furnishings. There are two kinds of collocation: adaptive collocation and reverse collocation. Whether it points to home furnishings, psychological temperature, season or astronomy and geography, we can refer to these two directions.

Also, the picture and picture frame can be two different directions. And whether the picture or the frame, can be drawn out as a reference for matching. It can bring you unexpected decorative effect or artistic style. It uses textures or colors or dots or lines to radiate your thoughts or associations or feelings. What a wonderful and delicate feeling it has. Using a little more brain cells in the selection of picture frames is actually twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, in the face of abstraction or decoration, in fact, do not be afraid to be ridiculed as vassal elegance. How you feel is the most important thing. Consult experts at most.

Generally speaking, it is ok that painting has no theme, no mood but very happy, very fashionable. But is that true? Not to mention anything else, just the most extreme Abstract painting, I often watch it carefully or not, and can experience its theme or extract its emotions. But it is true that many abstract paintings belong to irrational, invisible and pure form. This is interlinked with abstract sculptures, music and devices with similar characteristics. Of course, a large number of works are semi-abstract. Whether abstract or semi-abstract, its decorative or interesting has humanistic value, especially artistic value and practical life value. Metaphysical and metaphysical, divine and dust are sometimes so inconceivably connected, as the core concepts of post-modernism point to and short-circuit each other.