Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What are the aesthetic values of oil paintings?

Oil painting is a precious heritage left to us by human history. Large Wall Painting With its unique charm, it greatly enriches the human visual and spiritual world, and also greatly enlightens people's artistic aesthetics and ideological realm.
Hand-painted large abstract art in the reproduction of natural beauty, as well as the exploration of the ideal beauty, oversized wall decor beauty form, reached an unprecedented aesthetic realm.

(1) reproduce the beauty of nature
Human beings progress and develop in the constant understanding and communication of nature, and the art of human ideology is closely related to nature.
The ability of painting to reproduce nature is gradually perfected with the development of human civilization and science and technology.
The appearance of oil painting advances the whole history of painting in the depth of reproduction of nature.
The ability of oil painting to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and the true degree, Large Abstract Canvas Art richness and depth of natural objects are greatly superior to other kinds of painting. Artists use superb oil painting skills to create the beauty of nature and the beauty of the human spirit effectively.
(2) the beauty of ideal and beauty of form
The ideal beauty in art is a kind of beauty that is refined and established according to people's subjective desires.
The standardized form of the ideal beauty is formal beauty.
The reproduction of nature and the pursuit of ideal beauty in oil painting go hand in hand.
The classical oil painting pays attention to the reality and the ideal proportion grasp, is the human aestheticism standard reflection, it pays attention to the symmetrical proportion, the smooth line, the round shape, the harmonious color, the elegant sentiment.
At the same time, the ideal beauty also changes with the change of time and the difference in the artist's personality.
In addition to the stylized beauty, there is also the ideal beauty of the bold and gorgeous baroque style, as well as the beauty of a simple and heavy nature.
The pursuit of ideal beauty brought formal beauty to open.
In the later stage of the development of oil painting, the exploration of the beauty of form is the goal. The improvement of hand-painted abstract acrylic painting techniques makes the changes in the form colorful, thus making the oil painting works with varied appearance.

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